Some atmospheric music from superstars for the weekend

This week we have two tracks from two superstars with a very distinctive sound. Both of these tracks create a mood and feel which is so haunting and atmospheric and so uniquely them.

I bought the first song when it came out and placed it excitedly on the turntable. Is this an instrumental I thought? Where is Kate? I wasn’t the only one! People were going back to the shop thinking they had been given the wrong version! It turned out that the record had a double groove (on purpose) and depending on the luck of where you placed the needle, you either got the vocal version or instrumental! This was innovative but also annoying at the same time. Here is the vocal version, no tricky placing required!

“The Sensual World” by Kate Bush from 1989
(Uploaded to Youtube by Ms Saint Tropez)

The second track is by another style icon and visionary, the always cool Bryan Ferry.

“The Only Face” by Bryan Ferry from 1994
(Uploaded to Youtube by SolsburyHill22)

Next Friday is Christmas day so to celebrate there will be FOUR tracks rather than the usual two and they will be published around noon.

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