Some Dance music for Christmas Day!


On this special day we have four rather than the normal two tracks. No special theme just great tracks from different years. Enjoy!

Full Moon (C & J video remix) by Brandy from 2001.
This remix uses the electronic riff from I.O.U by Freeeze from 1983 to great effect
(Uploaded to Youtube by djulsy21)

I’m Your Baby Tonight (extended remix) by Whitney Houston from 1990. Whitney’s voice is sensational on this. So sad she left us so soon.
(Uploaded to Youtube by Patrik Józsa)

Lola’s Theme (Decade mix) by The Shapeshifters from 2004
(Uploaded to Youtube by Alex Bylund)

I Loved You by Blonde (feat Melissa Steel) from 2014
(Uploaded to Youtube by TrivalJoker3)


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