Some New Wave supergroups for the weekend

The new year kicks in and as the tree and decorations are put away for another year, we have two downbeat tunes from 1981! They come from two massive 80s new wave bands who were influenced by reggae and ska music.

First up is “Invisible Sun” by The Police from the album “Ghost in the Machine”
If you asked people to name a Police song I bet this wouldn’t feature highly. It’s album mate “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” is far more famous and popular, due to its light poppy lyrics, but for me the political, thought provoking “Invisible Sun” is far superior.  It was banned by the BBC due to its lyrics and video being influenced by the troubles in Northern Ireland. It still managed to reach number 2 in the charts. I remember buying the single and placing it on the turntable and hearing the fabulous low key yet haunting counting intro leading into a bleak verse with a hard hitting more uplifting chorus. Andy Summer’s guitar riff and solo is fantastic and Stewart Copeland’s drums are brilliant, along with Sting’s strong vocal. A very underrated track.

(Uploaded to Youtube by Golden Eighties)

Next up is another famous band from the 80s, Madness. They are known for their ska sound and upbeat wacky songs (and even wackier videos!) sung in a talking style by lead singer Suggs. In keeping with the bleak theme from the Police, here is a lesser known song which is downbeat, for them anyway! Here is the official video of “Grey Day” by Madness

(Uploaded to Youtube by Metropolis Touring)

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