Some 70s disco for the weekend

This week we have two disco tracks from the mid 70s

First up it is “Love Machine” by The Miracles who were formerly Smokey Robinson’s backing band. This track covers parts 1 and 2 originally on the A and B side of the record. The main song is part 1 with the mainly instrumental and far funkier section on part 2. I must admit a fondness for part 2!
(Uploaded to Youtube by Top401976)

This next track was written by a guy from Cleethorpes called Rod Temperton. You may not know his name but you will know his songs. The most famous of which is Thriller, yes Michael Jackson’s Thriller!

Other songs he wrote for Michael Jackson were Off The Wall and Rock With You. He also wrote songs for a string of other famous acts such as Donna Summer and George Benson.

Before all of that he was the songwriter of a successful disco group from the 70s called Heatwave. Here is an extended version of their first hit Boogie Nights which reached #2.
(Uploaded to Youtube by Slayd5000)


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