Some Thomas Dolby for the weekend

This week we have British electronic singer,songwriter and producer, Thomas Dolby. His real name is actually Thomas Robertson but his stage name came from his nickname of “Dolby”, after Dolby Laboratories of cinema fame, which he got for his hobby of playing with tapes and keyboards.
His music was a bit too experimental and unusual for mainstream success the majority of the time, but the tracks here did reasonably well.

He is now Professor of the Arts at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland USA.

First up is a track which I love but only got to 49 in the UK. It did well in the US peaking at number 5.
The scientist speaking in the song is Dr Magnus Pyke OBE who was a scientist and TV personality of the day, known for his eccentric way of speaking and wild gesticulating!

“She Blinded Me With Science” from 1982
(Uploaded to YouTube by Gustavo Mario Rodriguez)

“Hyperactive” from 1984 which got to number 17
(Uploaded to YouTube by NewWaveWonders)


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