Some Freddie and The Dreamers for the weekend

This week we travel all the way back to 1965 for a group who were considered a little bit of a joke band due to their bouncing and kicking their legs during some of their routines on stage; it’s Freddie and the Dreamers. Although grouped with the Merseyside sound they actually came from Manchester, my home city.

Their lead singer, charismatic Freddie Garrity had a great voice and the group had some good songs. They had seven top 40 hits including two number threes and one number two.

The two songs here were on the same record, the A and B sides.

This is not only my favourite song of theirs but one of my favourite 60s songs. Short but very sweet! Sadly only reached number 26.

“A Little You”
(Uploaded to YouTube by InfiniteDreams18)

“Things I’d Like To Say”
(Uploaded to YouTube by Serenadesong)

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