Some Leo Sayer for the Weekend

This week it’s two tracks from Leo Sayer. Sayer is a British singer songwriter who was particularly successful in the 70s and 80s.

People tend to forget now just how successful Leo Sayer was.
He had hits both here in the UK and US and worldwide. In the UK he had 16 top forty hits including eleven top ten hits and two number 1s. His first seven singles all went top 10!
These two tracks are ones I particularly like from the 80s.

“More Than I Can Say” reached number 2 in 1980
(Uploaded to Youtube by adityakumardsv)

This is a lesser known hit but a great song and perhaps you can hear the classic songwriting style of The Bee Gees in it, as it was they who wrote it!

“Heart (Stop Beating in Time)” reached number 22 in 1982
(Uploaded to YouTube by West Coast 99)


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