Winter Blues

Winter`s here, a time I dread,
I`d like to spend all day in bed,
Coughs and colds, and runny nose,
More and more of those,
I lie and dream of sun baked air,
Beating down, on skin laid bare,
There`s no point in idle wishes,
I`ve got a sink of dirty dishes,
I`ve got hips that ache, I`ve got joints that click,
I`d best get out my walking stick,
The doctor says that I`m depressed,
He thinks that I`m an awful pest,
Is it I, or is it he,
I think he`s more depressed than me,
I should go for a walk,
I should go for a run,
But I know it`s not much fun,
I`ve got to get fit, it`s my last chance,
I`ll get dressed up,
Go To The DANCE.
We`ll share our troubles, have some fun,
Thank you dancers, EVERYONE.

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