Lucy and Molly (and Missy!)

In the gallery are my Mum-in-law’s cats, Lucy and Molly. Lucy is an old lady now and Molly is just a year old. They look so much alike yet are not related at all!

Firstly though, some photos of  “Missy”.  This is a cat who hangs around our house  more than she does her own, just a short distance away. Given any opportunity whatsoever she will come in our house.  She is always there. When we go to the garage we have to make sure she doesn’t run in. When we go to put rubbish in the wheelie bins at the back, she’s there and rubs around our legs and jumps up and purrs! Despite Sammy chasing her off and staring her out, she will not be put off! Luckily Sammy’s cat flap is linked to his microchip and won’t allow another cat to enter. The batteries went on it once though and when this happens the flap is accessible to all. Missy got in and we shooed her out, not before she ate all Sammy’s food in his bowl, and sat in the hall before I spotted her! Missy hasn’t forgotten it IS possible to get in though and waits for that day to come again!

Her real name is Smudge apparently, but before we found out her real name we named her Missy and I still prefer it because she is a right little madam! Here she is.

photo 2

On our patio

photo 1

On our patio (2)


Looking out of our kitchen window and look who it is!


Sammy looking at Missy on the drive

Sammy looking at Missy on the drive

Sammy  and Missy (corner near shed)!

Sam and Missy (corner near shed)!

Now for Lucy and Molly …
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