A Pearl of a day

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A special update to my blog today. Today my husband Frank and I celebrate our Pearl wedding anniversary, which is 30 years of marriage. Yes, we married in the decade of big hair, even bigger phones, shoulder pads, ruched up sleeves but some pretty awesome tunes!

To celebrate I am posting two special songs.
This first song was a big hit at the end of the year when we first met 1984. It was everywhere at the time and the lyrics say it all.

“Solid” by Ashford and Simpson reached number 3 in Nov 1984
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This song was spending its first week at number 1 in the week we got married in 1987 and was to spend another three weeks at the top. It was the second biggest selling song of that year (behind Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”)
Like “Solid” this song has very appropriate lyrics. The video intercuts the group with footage from the rom-com film “Mannequin” which it was from.

“Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship
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Some Billy Ocean for the weekend

This week it’s Trinidadian British singer Billy Ocean who had a number of hits in the 70s and 80s. He is still producing music and touring today. Oh and of course I wasn’t inspired this week by a certain sitcom 😉 😉

Ocean had 12 top 40 hits including 6 top tens and a number one.

“Red Light Spells Danger” reached number 2 in 1977
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“Caribbean Queen (No More Love on the Run)” reached number 6 in 1984. My favourite song of his.
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Some Three Degrees for the weekend

This week it’s a really classy trio of ladies called “The Three Degrees” who were an American vocal group who had hits in the 70s.
They had 10 top 40 hits including 5 top 10s and 1 number 1.
There were a number of different line ups, but the most well known was the one with Sheila Ferguson and Valerie Holiday and then Fayette Pinkney or Helen Scott. The first song has Ferguson,Holiday and Pinkney and the second Scott instead of Pinkney as can be seen in the pictures.

The first song is one of my favourite songs of theirs on the Philadelphia International label.

“Take Good Care Of Yourself” reached number 9 in 1975
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This song was their third hit on the Ariola label and showed their more disco sound then the smoother soul of the Philadelphia International label of their earlier hits. The producer for this song and others on Ariola was legendary electronic music producer, Giorgio Moroder who was most famous for producing Donna Summer’s massive hit “I Feel Love” in 1977.

“The Runner” reached number 10 in 1979
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Some Scritti Politti for the weekend

This week it’s British band Scritti Politti who had hits mainly in the 80s. Lead singer Green Gartside’s floaty, ethereal voice over an electro,synthesiser beats made for a distinctive sound. They had five top 40s, including two top 10s.


“Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin) reached number 10 in March 1984
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“Absolute” reached number 17 in June 1984
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Some Stevie Wonder for the weekend

This week it’s megastar Stevie Wonder.
He has had 39 top 40 hits including 18 top 10s and 2 number 1s
Here are two songs which I really like but are lesser known.


“All I Do” was on the 1980 “Hotter Than July” album but not released as a single as five had already been released!
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“That Girl” reached number 39 in 1982. Personally I’m mystified by the low chart placing but it did reach number 4 on the American chart and number one on their R&B chart so that’s some consolation!
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Some Jamiroquai for the weekend

This week it’s the stylish and funky “cat in the hat” Jay Kay and his band Jamiroquai. This British band have been releasing jazz funk smooth funky tunes since 1992. They released their 8th studio album “Automaton” this week so the time seems apt to feature them.
They’ve had 26 top 40 hits including 9 top 10s and 1 number 1 from 1992 to present. They had sold more than 35 million albums worldwide before the release of “Automaton” this week, which early reports indicate it is number one or two in album charts worldwide. They have also had great success with their live performances as their musicianship is excellent and fronted by Jay Kay’s funky dance moves and charismatic persona.
I love Jamiroquai so it was hard to choose just two tracks, so I went for a classic disco track which is my favourite song of theirs, and then one which is lovely but wasn’t even on their albums!
 “Little L” reached number 5 in 2001
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“Smile” was released in 2011 as a download which had not been on the last album. It is unclear whether it was available for the chart so it may have been lost! Anyway, it’s a lovely dreamy summer track which I thought I’d give an airing to!

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Some “fool” songs for tomorrow

As it is April Fools day tomorrow, here are two “fool” songs, both from the 1970s but worlds apart in style.

“You Won’t Find Another Fool Like Me” by British group, The New Seekers (feat Lyn Paul) reached number 1 for one week in 1973. This song uses the style of a tavern sing-along and is not a usual 70s song but Lyn Paul’s spirited vocal and the catchiness of the song makes it work very well.
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“What a Fool Believes” by  American group, The Doobie Brothers reached number 31 in 1979. An unbelievably low chart position for what is now considered to be a classic song. It did reach number 1 in America though and won Grammys for song and record of the year so not bad going! The Doobie Brothers weren’t brothers by the way!
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