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Two female singer/songwriters for the weekend

This week it’s two female singer songwriters.

First it’s the iconic Kate Bush, who came to fame with the first UK number one single written and performed by a female, “Wuthering Heights” in 1978 at the young age of 19. From her first single to her last one before a self-imposed hiatus.
“And So Is Love” by Kate Bush from 1994 from her 1993 album “The Red Shoes”. It was to be Kate’s last single until 2005.
The distinctive guitar is played by Eric Clapton and the Hammond organ by Gary Brooker of Procol Harum.
(Uploaded to Youtube by mdbrbpt)

Next is the American singer songwriter Tori Amos who came to prominence in 1991 and had a number of hits in the nineties. Her vocal style is not dissimilar from Bush’s.

“Cornflake Girl” by Tori Amos from her 1994 album “Under the Pink”
(Uploaded to Youtube by Eiffel T)


Some Friday 13th songs for the weekend

As another Friday 13th arrives, here are two appropriate songs from the rock genre. Brit guitarist Jeff Beck declaring he isn’t superstitious and American rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd musing on good and bad luck.

(Click on “watch on Youtube” or try refreshing the page if they don’t play)

“I Ain’t Superstitious” by Jeff Beck from 1968
(Uploaded to Youtube by Toni Davey)

“Good Luck, Bad Luck” by Lynyrd Skynyrd from 1994
(Uploaded to Youtube by SpeedofSound)

Some tracks from pop star royalty for the weekend

This week we have two lesser known tracks from two of the most famous pop stars ever.

“Secret” by Madonna from her underrated 1994 album “Bedtime Stories”. This was a more downbeat R&B style album, and sandwiched between its high profile predecessor “Erotica” and the massively successful and change of sound “Ray of Light”, it tends to be overlooked.
It is a forgotten gem and this was the first single from it.
(Uploaded to Youtube by Madonna Unusual)

Next to the late Michael Jackson.
“Liberian Girl” was the ninth (yes, ninth!) and final single taken from his 1987 album “Bad” and released in 1989! As a result it is not maybe as well known as some its other album mates such as the title track “Bad” and others such as “Smooth Criminal”, “Dirty Diana” and “Man in the Mirror”. However, this is a beautiful song and Jackson’s voice has never sounded better in it. A personal favourite of mine of his.

(Uploaded to Youtube by Luke Spencer)

Some Fool music for the weekend

As it is April 1st today, this week’s music for the weekend are “fool” songs.

“Fool for Love” by 2010 formed American band Lord Huron from their second album “Strange Trails”. A lovely guitar based pop song.
(Uploaded to Youtube by LordHuronOfficial)

From a new band to an old one, here we have “You Don’t Fool Me” from 1996 by Queen from their 1995 album “Made in Heaven”. As expected from Queen a great guitar riff and brilliant production and vocals from Mercury.
(Uploaded to Youtube by R Bayay)

Some Madchester for the weekend

This week we have two iconic songs from two iconic bands from the “Madchester scene” . This was a name coined for music from bands from Manchester who emerged in the late 80s early 90s whose music crossed between alternative rock and electronic dance music. The singing style was generally laid back with some great memorable riffs and dance beats.
So here is some music from my home city!

Stone Roses – Fools Gold (Full Version) 1989
(Uploaded to Youtube by Dougie Dewdney)

Happy Mondays – Loose Fix (Loose Fit Remixed by Paul Oakenfold, Steve Osborne and The Grid) 1991
(Uploaded to Youtube by explor9806)

Some Dance music for Christmas Day!


On this special day we have four rather than the normal two tracks. No special theme just great tracks from different years. Enjoy!

Full Moon (C & J video remix) by Brandy from 2001.
This remix uses the electronic riff from I.O.U by Freeeze from 1983 to great effect
(Uploaded to Youtube by djulsy21)

I’m Your Baby Tonight (extended remix) by Whitney Houston from 1990. Whitney’s voice is sensational on this. So sad she left us so soon.
(Uploaded to Youtube by Patrik Józsa)

Lola’s Theme (Decade mix) by The Shapeshifters from 2004
(Uploaded to Youtube by Alex Bylund)

I Loved You by Blonde (feat Melissa Steel) from 2014
(Uploaded to Youtube by TrivalJoker3)

Some atmospheric music from superstars for the weekend

This week we have two tracks from two superstars with a very distinctive sound. Both of these tracks create a mood and feel which is so haunting and atmospheric and so uniquely them.

I bought the first song when it came out and placed it excitedly on the turntable. Is this an instrumental I thought? Where is Kate? I wasn’t the only one! People were going back to the shop thinking they had been given the wrong version! It turned out that the record had a double groove (on purpose) and depending on the luck of where you placed the needle, you either got the vocal version or instrumental! This was innovative but also annoying at the same time. Here is the vocal version, no tricky placing required!

“The Sensual World” by Kate Bush from 1989
(Uploaded to Youtube by Ms Saint Tropez)

The second track is by another style icon and visionary, the always cool Bryan Ferry.

“The Only Face” by Bryan Ferry from 1994
(Uploaded to Youtube by SolsburyHill22)

Next Friday is Christmas day so to celebrate there will be FOUR tracks rather than the usual two and they will be published around noon.