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Some Depeche Mode for the weekend

Some electronic pop this week from one of Britain’s most enduring and distinctive bands. They are still going today after forming back in 1980. It’s Depeche Mode who have had 43 top forty singles including 14 top tens. Here are just two of their hits.

“Just Can’t Get Enough” reached number 8 in Sept 1981
(Uploaded to YouTube by DaKraftyFella)

“Everything Counts” reached number 6 in July 1983
(Uploaded to YouTube by juliAna q-_-p)

Some Scritti Politti for the weekend

This week it’s British band Scritti Politti who had hits mainly in the 80s. Lead singer Green Gartside’s floaty, ethereal voice over an electro,synthesiser beats made for a distinctive sound. They had five top 40s, including two top 10s.


“Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin) reached number 10 in March 1984
(Uploaded to YouTube by Leon Campana)


“Absolute” reached number 17 in June 1984
(Uploaded to YouTube by SolsburyHill22)

Some Thomas Dolby for the weekend

This week we have British electronic singer,songwriter and producer, Thomas Dolby. His real name is actually Thomas Robertson but his stage name came from his nickname of “Dolby”, after Dolby Laboratories of cinema fame, which he got for his hobby of playing with tapes and keyboards.
His music was a bit too experimental and unusual for mainstream success the majority of the time, but the tracks here did reasonably well.

He is now Professor of the Arts at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland USA.

First up is a track which I love but only got to 49 in the UK. It did well in the US peaking at number 5.
The scientist speaking in the song is Dr Magnus Pyke OBE who was a scientist and TV personality of the day, known for his eccentric way of speaking and wild gesticulating!

“She Blinded Me With Science” from 1982
(Uploaded to YouTube by Gustavo Mario Rodriguez)

“Hyperactive” from 1984 which got to number 17
(Uploaded to YouTube by NewWaveWonders)

Some electronica pop for the weekend

This week we have some electronica-pop from 1980 from two bands who typified the style. These are early releases in both group’s careers.
First up we have “Messages” by Orchestral Manoevures in the Dark (OMD)
(Uploaded to Youtube by OMDVEVO)

“Only After Dark” by The Human League
(Uploaded to Youtube by zzzsjp)

Some 80s instrumental electronica for the weekend

This week it’s two fast paced, mainly instrumental, electronic tracks from the late 80s.

First up is “Pump Up The Volume” by MARRS from 1987
(Uploaded to Youtube by ruggerintrah)

Next is “The Race” by Yello from 1988. This has been used on many a TV programme for racing so you many recognise it.
(Uploaded to Youtube by yellowflag)

Some Madchester for the weekend

This week we have two iconic songs from two iconic bands from the “Madchester scene” . This was a name coined for music from bands from Manchester who emerged in the late 80s early 90s whose music crossed between alternative rock and electronic dance music. The singing style was generally laid back with some great memorable riffs and dance beats.
So here is some music from my home city!

Stone Roses – Fools Gold (Full Version) 1989
(Uploaded to Youtube by Dougie Dewdney)

Happy Mondays – Loose Fix (Loose Fit Remixed by Paul Oakenfold, Steve Osborne and The Grid) 1991
(Uploaded to Youtube by explor9806)

Some 70s electronica for the weekend

This week it’s two electronic disco tracks from the late 70s

Supernature by Cerrone 1977
(Uploaded to Youtube by Cerrone Official)

The Chase by Giorgio Moroder from the film Midnight Express 1978
(Uploaded to Youtube by LetsGoDiscoTV)