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Some “crazy” music for the weekend

This week’s first choice is being used as trailer music for a channel 4 satirical TV programme on the EU referendum! I’d not heard this song in ages and it reminded me just what a great track it is! The Fun Boy Three were a break away group from The Specials who had a massive number one hit with Ghost Town in 1981.

“The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum” by The Fun Boy Three from Nov 1981
(Uploaded to Youtube by tes74)

Continuing with the theme, many songs have had the word “crazy” in them, but this is my favourite “crazy” song from Glam rock act Mud. I love a tango rhythm and this uses it to great effect.
“Crazy” by Mud, reached no 12 in March 1973
(Uploaded to Youtube by The Sweet)