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Some Beatles and Bond for the weekend. RIP Sir George Martin

This week Sir George Martin passed away at the age of 90. He was best known for his work as producer for The Beatles, resulting in some ground breaking and innovative songs and techniques. He was dubbed “the fifth Beatle” by Paul McCartney.

I have chosen two songs of theirs which I like for different reasons. The first is just a beautiful song about people in someone’s life and is just lovely lyrically and musically. The second is trippy and takes the listener on a sonic journey and is technically groundbreaking.
“In My Life” from 1965
George Martin plays the instrumental bridge on the song
(Uploaded by Headful of Hollow)

“Strawberry Fields Forever” from 1967
(Uploaded to Youtube by Phonography Vinyl Box)

George Martin also did the soundtrack for the 1973 James Bond film Live and Let Die. McCartney did the theme but Martin scored the other tracks. Here is a track called “Snakes Alive”
(Uploaded by Dylan Leraix II)

RIP  Sir George Martin.

Some Bond for the weekend

This week, it’s a little bit different in honour of my favourite film franchise and a certain very famous spy who has a new film out, which you might just have heard about! Yes it’s 007 and first of all here’s a video of the different treatments of the Bond theme in all the films up to Skyfall which some accompanying visuals.

(Uploaded to YouTube by Lawrence Whitehurst)

Next to my all time music hero, the wonderful multi-Oscar winning John Barry OBE,  film composer extraordinaire, who died in 2011. He composed music for 11 James Bond films and so,so much more it’s impossible to showcase everything he did.

Here is just a tiny fraction of the music he produced for the early Bond films.

(Uploaded to YouTube by rollotomasi1964)