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Some Jamiroquai for the weekend

This week it’s the stylish and funky “cat in the hat” Jay Kay and his band Jamiroquai. This British band have been releasing jazz funk smooth funky tunes since 1992. They released their 8th studio album “Automaton” this week so the time seems apt to feature them.
They’ve had 26 top 40 hits including 9 top 10s and 1 number 1 from 1992 to present. They had sold more than 35 million albums worldwide before the release of “Automaton” this week, which early reports indicate it is number one or two in album charts worldwide. They have also had great success with their live performances as their musicianship is excellent and fronted by Jay Kay’s funky dance moves and charismatic persona.
I love Jamiroquai so it was hard to choose just two tracks, so I went for a classic disco track which is my favourite song of theirs, and then one which is lovely but wasn’t even on their albums!
 “Little L” reached number 5 in 2001
(Uploaded to YouTube by JamiroquaiVEVO)

“Smile” was released in 2011 as a download which had not been on the last album. It is unclear whether it was available for the chart so it may have been lost! Anyway, it’s a lovely dreamy summer track which I thought I’d give an airing to!

(Uploaded to YouTube by Valter Kabas)