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Goodbye Music for the Weekend

This week it’s two songs called “Goodbye” as I’ve decided to stop doing the ‘songs for the weekend’ except for the occasional tribute. I started in Oct 2015 so almost two years. Thanks for listening.

First up it’s Mary Hopkin who 6 top forty hits including 4 top tens and 1 number 1 in the late 60s and early 70s. Hopkin won the talent show “Opportunity Knocks” and her first single “Those Were The Days” hit number one for a massive 6 weeks in 1968. I always liked Mary Hopkin, she had such a beautiful pure voice.

“Goodbye” by Mary Hopkin reached number 2 in 1969. The song was written by Paul McCartney and stopped from reaching the number 1 spot by “Get Back” by The Beatles!
(Uploaded to YouTube by RicoSouvenirs)

Finally the Spice Girls who had a phenomenal 11 top 40 hits including 10 top tens and 9 number 1s.

“Goodbye” by The Spice Girls, the Christmas number 1 in 1998. It was the first song without the vocals of Geri Halliwell.
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Some lovely 70s female vocalists for the weekend

This week we have two songs from 1970 by two ladies with lovely voices.

“That Same Old Feeling” by Pickettywitch fronted by Polly Brown reached number 5
(Uploaded to YouTube by zazzaz99)

“Temma Harbour” by Mary Hopkin reached number 6
(Uploaded to YouTube by TheOldrecordclub)