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Tribute to Rod Temperton

Well, this is sad, this week’s selection was going to be two from jazz/soul legend guitarist and singer George Benson, and as a side note I was going to mention the composer, Rod Temperton.

We have now had news that Rod Temperton has died aged just 66 of cancer. He wrote many, many hits, the most famous being for Michael Jackson. So sadly, this post is now a tribute to Cleethorpes born Temperton with extra tracks added.

The first two tracks are from Benson’s Quincy Jones produced 1980 album “Give Me The Night” which went platinum and won three Grammys.

Love X Love written by Temperton
(Uploaded to YouTube by Slayd5000)

Give Me The Night written by Temperton
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Off The Wall written by Temperton for Michael Jackson from Jackson’s 1979 album of the same name. Interesting that its slightly spooky opening foreshadows Temperton’s Thriller which appeared three years later.
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The Groove Line (12″ version) by British group Heatwave, which Temperton was part of and which had other hits in the 70s such as Boogie Nights and Too Hot to Handle. The Groove Line written by Temperton is my favourite so here it is…
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All Temperton’s songs had soul and class, RIP to an unassuming musical genius. 😪

Some tracks from pop star royalty for the weekend

This week we have two lesser known tracks from two of the most famous pop stars ever.

“Secret” by Madonna from her underrated 1994 album “Bedtime Stories”. This was a more downbeat R&B style album, and sandwiched between its high profile predecessor “Erotica” and the massively successful and change of sound “Ray of Light”, it tends to be overlooked.
It is a forgotten gem and this was the first single from it.
(Uploaded to Youtube by Madonna Unusual)

Next to the late Michael Jackson.
“Liberian Girl” was the ninth (yes, ninth!) and final single taken from his 1987 album “Bad” and released in 1989! As a result it is not maybe as well known as some its other album mates such as the title track “Bad” and others such as “Smooth Criminal”, “Dirty Diana” and “Man in the Mirror”. However, this is a beautiful song and Jackson’s voice has never sounded better in it. A personal favourite of mine of his.

(Uploaded to Youtube by Luke Spencer)