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Some Bananarama for the weekend

This week to celebrate the announcement that the original line-up are getting back together, it’s Bananarama!
Yes, Sara Dallin, Keren Woodward have reunited with original co-band member Siobhan Fahey for a tour. Although they carried on when Siobhan left in 1988 and Jacquie O’Sullivan did three years and then Keren and Sara continued as a duo, it is the original trio which is remembered with fondness and had their biggest hits.
The group had 25 top 40 hits including 10 top tens.

Both of these songs were massive at the time and it is surprising to see both only reached number 8!

“Cruel Summer” reached number 8 in 1983.
(Uploaded to YouTube by Walter Barrooshian)

Next is “Venus” which was a cover of the 1970 song by Shocking Blue. Funnily enough both versions reached number 8, the Bananarama one in 1986. Both versions did hit number one in other countries however.
Venus is different in production to Cruel Summer as it was the first collaboration with new producers Stock, Aitken and Waterman and the “hit factory” sound is very apparent. The previous producers ( for Cruel Summer) were Swain and Jolley who were famous for producing Imagination’s hits and Spandau Ballet’s albums True and Parade among others.
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Some “fool” songs for tomorrow

As it is April Fools day tomorrow, here are two “fool” songs, both from the 1970s but worlds apart in style.

“You Won’t Find Another Fool Like Me” by British group, The New Seekers (feat Lyn Paul) reached number 1 for one week in 1973. This song uses the style of a tavern sing-along and is not a usual 70s song but Lyn Paul’s spirited vocal and the catchiness of the song makes it work very well.
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“What a Fool Believes” by  American group, The Doobie Brothers reached number 31 in 1979. An unbelievably low chart position for what is now considered to be a classic song. It did reach number 1 in America though and won Grammys for song and record of the year so not bad going! The Doobie Brothers weren’t brothers by the way!
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Some Dave Dee, Beaky, Mick & Tich for the weekend

This week we go way back to the 60s to a British pop group called Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich! Dave Dee was the main vocalist and their management named them this way as the others were the nicknames of the other band members and they wanted them to stand out! They certainly did that producing a string of hits with unusual rhythms, lyrics and instruments such as an electrified mandolin on “Bend It!”.
They had 13 top 40 hits, including 8 top tens and 1 number one which was “The Legend of Xanadu”. Here are two of their top five hits.
“Hold Tight!” reached number 4 in 1966
(Uploaded to YouTube by Shey lismo)

“Zabadak!” reached number 3 in 1967
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Some Fox for the weekend

This week it’s little known British group Fox whose lead singer was charismatic Australian singer Noosha Fox. They burned bright and quickly in the mid 70s having 4 top 40 hits including two top 5s. The lead singer had a glamorous image, wearing evening dresses and bright make up often with glitter on her face. She also had a distinctive voice with a sultry, whispering style. Here are their two top five hits.

“Only You Can” their debut hit, reached number 3 in 1975
(Uploaded to YouTube by fab70smusic)

“S-S-S-Single Bed” their third hit, following “Imagine Me, Imagine You” in May 1975. This reached number 4 in 1976.
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Some birthday songs for the weekend

Tomorrow it’s my birthday! So two appropriate tracks!

“Happy Birthday” by Altered Images reached number 2 in 1981
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“Music and Wine (speakeasy 3000 mix)” a deep trance song by Blue Six from 1999
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Some Five Star for the weekend

This week it’s one of the best pop acts of the 80s, Five Star. They were a British family group consisting of five siblings, Doris, Leroy, Denise, Lorraine and Stedman Pearson. They had intricately choreographed dance routines and their songs were extremely catchy pop tunes. They had 15 top 40 hits including 6 top tens. I love all of their songs but these are two of my favourites.

“Can’t Wait Another Minute” reached number 7 in 1986
(Uploaded to YouTube by Sebastian Kaufhold)

“The Slightest Touch” reached number 4 in 1987
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Some 70s novelty pop for the weekend

Remember when pop music was fun and didn’t take itself too seriously? This week’s group are just one of the varied acts we had in the 70s. Sailor were a bit of novelty, releasing old style songs, using loads of different instruments such as an accordion, bass drum and nickelodeon ! Cheesy but infectious! These were their highest charting songs.

“A Little Glass of Champagne” reached number 2 in 1975
(Uploaded to YouTube by Kaete0815007)

”Girls Girls Girls” reached number 7 in 1976
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