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A Tribute to Rick Parfitt

Last week I paid tribute to George Michael who died on Christmas Day, but this week I want to remember Rick Parfitt OBE who died aged 68 on Christmas Eve. He was rhythm guitarist for rock legends Status Quo who are one of the most successful bands of all time in the UK, having released over 100 singles and spent 415 weeks on the chart. They also have the most appearances on Top of the Pops (106)! As well as massive chart success it was their live performances which made “the Quo” beloved by their fans. In their 48 year history, it is estimated that they have played over 6000 live shows to a total audience in excess of 25 million people. In doing so, the band has travelled some four million miles. They also famously opened “Live Aid” in 1985 with “Rockin’ All Over The World”

A very talented musician and rock god.
RIP Rick.

”Whatever You Want” from 1979
(Uploaded to YouTube by LakeParadiseMusic1)

“What You’re Proposin’ ” from 1980
(Uploaded to YouTube by TheWhiteCat65)

“Two Way Traffic” from 2011
(Uploaded to YouTube by earMUSIC)

Some Alice Cooper for the weekend

This week it’s some rock from American rock icon Alice Cooper and three tracks this week due to the shortness of the songs.

“No More Mr Nice Guy” reached number 10 in 1973
(Uploaded to YouTube by Robert Harrison

Next it’s the school holidays’ anthem
“Schools Out” was number 1 for three weeks in the summer of 1972
(Uploaded to YouTube by Shannon)

The follow up to “Schools Out”, “Elected” reached number 4 in 1972
(Uploaded to YouTube by WarmerMusicVideos)

Some Friday 13th songs for the weekend

As another Friday 13th arrives, here are two appropriate songs from the rock genre. Brit guitarist Jeff Beck declaring he isn’t superstitious and American rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd musing on good and bad luck.

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“I Ain’t Superstitious” by Jeff Beck from 1968
(Uploaded to Youtube by Toni Davey)

“Good Luck, Bad Luck” by Lynyrd Skynyrd from 1994
(Uploaded to Youtube by SpeedofSound)

Two “Big” pop rock 80s songs for the weekend

This week we have two “Big” pop rock tracks from a mega group and massive artist from 1987. Both are massive productions with great guitar on both.

First up is ex-Genesis front man and pop innovator Peter Gabriel with “Big Time”
(Uploaded to Youtube by draceena)
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Next is “Big Love” by Fleetwood Mac with great leading vocals from Lindsey Buckingham who also wrote the song. I have always liked the original pop version but this remix is fantastic and has quite a House sound to it.
(Uploaded to Youtube by MrMilky976)