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Some Pop party music for Christmas

This week it’s some unashamedly feel good pop songs but as it’s Christmas there’s 4 tracks instead of the usual 2! Two from two British pop groups and two from the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna.

Merry Christmas!

“Don’t Stop Movin'” by S Club 7 was number 1 for two
non-consecutive weeks in 2001. This is a slightly different background mix to the original. More of a dance mix!
(Uploaded to YouTube by Shamsi Humbatzade

“Stomp” by Steps was number 1 for one week in 2000
(Uploaded to YouTube by Iluvmitchelmusso101)

“Holiday” by Madonna reached 6 in 1984 but then reached 2 when rereleased in 1985, held off the top spot by “Into the Groove”!
(Uploaded to YouTube by Sim Fortin)

“Into The Groove” by Madonna was number 1 for four weeks in 1985
(Uploaded to YouTube by sysmonnsongs)