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Some Steps for the weekend

This week it’s British 4 piece vocal group Steps. They were formed in 1997.

An unashamedly pop group, Steps specialised in feelgood pop tunes accompanied by dance routines for each song. They disbanded in 2001 after a massively successful run, having sold over 20 million records worldwide. They had 16 top forty hits, including 14 top tens and two number 1s. The number ones being Heartbeat/Tragedy in 1998 and Stomp in 2000.

In 2011 they reformed for a 4 part documentary reunion show, and a subsequent greatest hits compilation which reached number 1. In 2012 they embarked on a 22 date tour, released a new studio album and did a six date tour.
They reunited again this year for their 20th anniversary and released a new album “Tears on the Dancefloor” which reached number 2 in the album chart.

These songs are both from their “Tears on the Dancefloor” album and has their typically upbeat catchy pop vibe.

“Scared of the Dark”
(Uploaded to YouTube by StepsVEVO)

“Neon Blue”
(Uploaded to YouTube by StepsVEVO)

Some Pop party music for Christmas

This week it’s some unashamedly feel good pop songs but as it’s Christmas there’s 4 tracks instead of the usual 2! Two from two British pop groups and two from the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna.

Merry Christmas!

“Don’t Stop Movin'” by S Club 7 was number 1 for two
non-consecutive weeks in 2001. This is a slightly different background mix to the original. More of a dance mix!
(Uploaded to YouTube by Shamsi Humbatzade

“Stomp” by Steps was number 1 for one week in 2000
(Uploaded to YouTube by Iluvmitchelmusso101)

“Holiday” by Madonna reached 6 in 1984 but then reached 2 when rereleased in 1985, held off the top spot by “Into the Groove”!
(Uploaded to YouTube by Sim Fortin)

“Into The Groove” by Madonna was number 1 for four weeks in 1985
(Uploaded to YouTube by sysmonnsongs)